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Gap-E, born in the 1970’s to a West Indian family residing in West London and grew up listening to a wide variety of music . He was encouraged to learn various musical instruments., and at college studied electrical & mechanical engineering, sound engineering, audio visual engineering & production, and business owner management. Having worked as a tape operator he developed to studio recording engineer for various London based record labels, where he learnt to improved his music programming, composition, production and other recording studio applications and techniques.


Peace to all, and enjoy !

Gap-E aka PBK

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G.A.M. Productions is a music production company based in London, England. Specializing in urban music, such as R&B / Soul / Funk / Jazz, Dance and Hip hop . Its musical styles lay its roots in a mixture of strong beats and rhythmical grooves, often with a hypnotic undercurrent. With influence from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s as well as millennium style current trends, there is something in it for all ages.

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